SKI-doo main bearing retrofit

PTO & MAG Buddy

One of the main causes of engine failure in Ski-Doo’s series III and R Rotax motors is PTO crank bearing failure due to the breakdown or loss of the Isoflex grease. By installing the “PTO Buddy” & “MAG Buddy” you can prevent this from happening. PTO Buddy allows you to grease the bearing externally without having to remove the clutch and seal assembly! It also has a pressure release valve. If the pressure gets to high in the PTO end of the crankcase, it will release the pressure to the atmosphere rather than pushing the seal on the inner crank bearing. It also has a higher resistance to damage from belt debris and is more dimensionally stable than the stock assembly for performance applications. The PTO Buddy replaces the PTO (clutch side) crank seal and seal retainer in 800R, 800MXZ, 600MXZ, 600SDI, Etec or any year Rotax motor that uses the 4 bolt seal retainer. The PTO Buddy is machined from t6 aluminum, assembled from locally sourced parts and is manufactured in Canada by an ISO certified facility. The unit is easy to install. Is extremely easy to use. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

PTO Buddy Part No. PTO1 $C 132.65
Replacement Seal Part No. 501412 $B 6.54
MAG Buddy Part No. MAG1 $C 71.43
Syringe w/10ml Isoflex Part No. SYR1 $C 30.61

NEW PRODUCT - Prevents Bearing Failure!

MAG Bearing Buddy

New & Improved  
MAG Buddy Installed  PTO Buddy Installed  PTO Bearing Buddy

New carbon cord belt!

Gates continues to lead the way in CVT belt innovation, technology and development for today’s recreational and utility all-terrain equipment with the latest addition to the G-Force® line, the all-new G-Force C12 CVT belt. This belt is engineered for drop-in performance, featuring exceptional strength, flexibility, and durability.

Part No. DRL-300CDI $B 172.50

The DRL300 can clamp up to 4 of our blue (low impedance) coils. This means it can be used on drag bikes, and many other applications it could not manage before (automotive HEI ignitions). In addition, the output stage has also added a separate kill input. This input works separate of the rev limiter and can function even when the rev limiter has no power. This will kill the spark whenever a 12V signal is applied to the input.

Potential uses include shift kill to kill ignitions during upshift, allowing for clutchless shifts. Instead of having to cut jumper wires to get the box to work with a particular application, and having only two choices, there are now 3 dip switches. These dip switches allow not only for a very wide range of applications (single fire thumpers to Harleys to inline 4s to 8 cylinders), but they also allow for the rev range to be adjusted from the standard 6000-12000. This means that new motorcycles with 12000+ rpm redlines can now be handled, as can applications where the limit needs to be set below 6000.

Also Used in Snowmobile Race Machines.

DRL-300 Features:
Continuously adjustable from 6,000 to 12,000 rpm Helps prevent engine failure
Prewired and easy to install

Hot off the Success of PROX'S Moto X., ATV and PWC Pistons,
Winners Circle is Excited to announce

NEW ! PROX Snowmobile Pistons

  • - made from Hypereutectic Alloy for Extra Strength and Reduced Expansion !
  • - Special Riken Dual rings for Improved Durability, Resistance to wear, Optimum Heat Transfer , and Superior Sealing !
  • - Full MOS2 Skirt for Improved Engine Break In and Resistance to Scuffing !
  • - Anodized Piston Dome protects against excessive Heat !
Supporting Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski Doo and Yamaha