ATV 2022-WEB

211 ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE PARTS 2022 Carburetion Drive System Brakes & Cables Chassis Bearings Suspension Electrical Engine Lubrication Tools DRIVE SYSTEM rive Syste OEM Reference Part No. ARCTIC CAT 654011 UA486 670527 UA492 3201-242 UA459 0823-013 UA406 0823-228 UA459 0823-231 UA445 3303-095 UA415 3303-537 UA403 3309-095 UA415 0823-013 UA406 0823-228 UA459 0823-231 UA445 0823-496 UA478 0823-497 UA479 0823-529 UA489 0823-627 UA491 1402-564 UA420 3201-242 UA459 3301-113 UA402 3301-756 UA414 3303-095 UA415 3303-537 UA403 3303-782 UA460 3304-987 UA463 3313-898 UA459 3402-484 UA401 3402-664 UA400 3402-757 UA401 3403-141 UA437 ARGO 125-56 UA433 127-137 UA428 127-137HD UXP428 127-159 UA495 127-159HD UXP495 OEM Reference Part No. CAN-AM 417300383 UA487 420280280 UA435 420280362 UA446 422280280 UA435 422280360 UA446 422280651 UA487 422280652 UA488 422280654 UA487 715000302 UA446 715900023 UA420 715900023 UA435 715900024 UA435 715900030 UA419 715900212 UA446 A23100117000 UA436 DVG10274 UA434 CF MOTO 0180-055000-0001 UA483 0180-055000-0003 UA483 0180-055000-0004 UA483 0800-055000 UA484 0800-055000-0001 UA484 0JWA-055000 UA485 0JWA-055000-10000 UA485 0JY0-050001 UA483 JOHN DEERE C715900023 UA420 C715900024 UA435 M125383 UA467 M150046 UA474 M155037 UA469 M158189 UA471 M158267 UA470 M158268 UA472 M161702 UA475 M168196 UA473 M176776 UA473 OEM Reference Part No. RE28721 UA466 VG10274 UA468 VG10928 UA469 704048 UA405 HONDA 22101-VMO-0031 UA404 22102-HEO-000 UA412 22102-HEO-0003 UA412 KAWASAKI 59011-0003 UA450 59011-0011 UA451 59011-0019 UA450 59011-0031 UA458 59011-0037 UA482 59011-0040 UA477 59011-0043 UA438 59011-0047 UA496 59011-1053 UA439 59011-1057 UA429 59011-1060 UA411 59011-1065 UA409 59011-1066 UA410 59011-1071 UA444 59011-1077 UA442 59011-1080 UA450 59011-1084 UA450 59011-1087 UA481 59011-S003 UA421 59011-Y001 UA462 59011-Y002 UA415 59011-Y003 UA452 KYMCO 23100-GKAK-901 UA462 23100-KHC4-900 UA415 23100-KHE7-90B UA460 23100-LDB5-E00 UA464 23100-LKM5-E00 UA464 Part No. Price UA400 $C 116.57 UA401 $C 119.12 UA402 $C 80.43 UA403 $C 74.49 UA404 $C 132.78 UA405 $C 128.78 UA406 $C 110.51 UA409 $C 125.69 UA410 $C 127.27 UA411 $C 130.35 UA412 $C 84.78 Drive Belts Product Information Bulletin to announce mpetitively ne of drive and Side-by- Q belts feature ompounds and create a durable Comprised of 28 ATV HQ belts fit hines. is a major to OE her aftermarket expertise. belt has been specific e proper fit and rect belt for your ndy “belt finder” When will the new UltimaxATV HQ belts be available? ●● Belts are now in inventory. Where are UltimaxATV HQ belts made? ●● All Ultimax belts are proudly made in the USA in Springfield, Missouri. What machines are covered? ●● UltimaxATV HQ belts are engineered for use on specific applications. An Ultimax interchange file is available. Please contact , download the file from our website or use the belt finder tool at www. For optimum performance, please follow the recommendations provided. Is there a warranty on UltimaxATV HQ belts? ●● Yes. UltimaxATV HQ belts are backed by a one year warranty. What is the price? ●● Prices vary by part number. For a price file, please contact your account manager or Belt Customer Service at 866-773-2926. Will the UltimaxATV belts still be available? ●● Yes. UltimaxATV (UA) is a premium performance belt and is still available. UA belts are required for the most demanding applications. In many applications, users may choose the competitively priced HQ belt (one year warranty) or the superior performing UA belt (2 year warranty). UA part numbers remain the same. UltimaxATV HQ belts have the same number but with a UHQ prefix. Should I use UA or HQ? ●● HQ - OE replacement belt, competitively priced, one year warranty ●● UA – premium performance belt for the enthusiast, two year warranty What other Ultimax belts are available? ●● The Ultimax family includes UltiMAX, Ultimax PRO and Ultimax XS snowmobile drive belts; UltimaxATV and UltimaxATV HQ drive belts for ATVs, UTVs and SxSs; and Ultimax MD (Multi-Duty) belts for use on go-karts, golf carts, junior dragsters, and a variety of applications. 16 cing Ultimax ® ATV HQ Belts by Timken P.I.B. Part No. Price UA439 $C 110.29 UA440 $C 87.41 UA441 $C 131.37 UA442 $C 114.41 UA443 $C 119.12 UA444 $C 85.69 UA445 $C 133.14 UA446 $C 131.37 UA448 $C 133.14 UA450 $C 116.88 UA451 $C 110.29 UA452 $C 116.88 UA453 $C 89.51 UA454 $C 80.43 UA455 $C 150.90 UA456 $C 159.10 UA457 $C 105.29 UA458 $C 116.88 UA459 $C 116.88 UA460 $C 74.49 UA462 $C 46.76 UA463 $C 74.49 UA464 $C 159.10 UA466 $C 90.47 UA467 $C 149.94 UA468 $C 113.20 UA469 $C 128.92 Part No. Price UA470 $C 122.94 UA471 $C 110.51 UA472 $C 134.82 UA473 $C 201.96 UA474 $C 158.27 UA475 $C 133.61 UA476 $C 146.65 UA477 $C 116.88 UA478 $C 156.06 UA479 $C 156.06 UA480 $C 159.10 UA481 $C 114.41 UA482 $C 114.41 UA483 $C 87.41 UA484 $C 122.24 UA485 $C 146.65 UA486 $C 156.06 UA487 $C 159.10 UA488 $C 159.10 UA489 $C 159.10 UA490 $C 159.10 UA491 $C 116.88 UA492 $C 156.06 UA493 $C 131.37 UA495 $C 117.43 UA496 $C 156.06 UXP428 $C 196.18 OEM Reference Part No. 23100-LLB1-90B UA463 23100-LLBE-90B UA463 23100-PWB1-900 UA459 POLARIS 0452496 UA453 0453455 UA415 0454497 UA454 3211048 UA412 3211069 UA413 3211077 UA412 3211091 UA413 3211095 UA413 3211106 UA424 3211108 UA427 3211113 UA426 3211116 UA426 3211118 UA424 3211123 UA448 3211129 UA427 3211130 UA448 3211131 UA440 3211133 UA424 3211133 UA424 3211135 UA455 3211136 UA456 3211142 UA441 3211143 UA457 3211148 UA441 3211149 UA441 3211153 UA448 3211160 UA448 3211162 UA424 3211169 UA457 3211172 UA441 3211175 UA476 3211180 UA441 3211186 UA480 3211196 UA441 3211202 UA480 3211203 UA448 3211206 UA457 OEM Reference Part No. 3211218 UA493 SUZUKI 27601-09F51 UA401 27601-09F60 UA401 27601-11H00 UA443 27601-31G00 UA437 27601-38F00 UA400 27601-40B01 UA421 K5901-10003 UA450 K5901-11077 UA442 TRACKER 670527 UA492 0823-013 UA406 0823-231 UA445 0823-529 UA489 0823-627 UA491 3303-095 UA415 3303-782 UA460 3313-898 UA459 YAMAHA 1XD-17641-00-00 UA464 28P-17641-00-00 UA422 2MB-E7641-00-00 UA464 3B4-17641-00-00 UA422 3C2-17641-00-00 UA417 3FA-17641-00-00 UA425 4WV-17641-00-00 UA423 5B4-17641-00-00 UA438 5GH-17641-00-00 UA417 5GH-17641-10-00 UA417 5KM-17641-00-00 UA422 5KM-17641-01-00 UA422 5KM-17641-10-00 UA422 5UH-17641-00-00 UA416 5UH-17641-01-00 UA416 B16-E7641-00-00 UA422 BG4-17641-00-00 UA490 DRIVE BELT OEM CROSS REF. Part No. Price UA413 $C 89.51 UA414 $C 74.49 UA415 $C 74.49 UA416 $C 121.59 UA417 $C 95.49 UA419 $C 132.02 UA420 $C 132.02 UA421 $C 80.43 UA422 $C 122.24 UA423 $C 122.24 UA424 $C 150.90 Part No. Price UA425 $C 122.61 UA426 $C 105.29 UA427 $C 84.78 UA428 $C 80.43 UA429 $C 105.29 UA433 $C 117.43 UA434 $C 74.49 UA435 $C 117.61 UA436 $C 74.49 UA437 $C 131.37 UA438 $C 122.24 Each Ultimax UA belt is designed for its specific application. Specially formulated compounds create a durable and depend- able belt that provides optimum performance. • Each belt is designed for a specific application • No “one size fits all” approach • Built to handle more load and abuse than the OE drive belt • Fiber-loaded rubber designed to grip the clutches and to stay that way over the life of the belt • Each belt has rubber compounds that work best for the application • Every Ultimax belt contains strong and stable aramid cord • Every Ultimax belt is manufactured using new pro- cesses that reduce dimensional variation so every belt performs consistently. • Two year warranty Drive Belts Sprockets Drive Chain Barnett Comet Dalton U-Joints CV Joints CV ½ Shaft CV Shaft CV Rebuild CV Boot Prop Shaft Diff/Transaxle Bearing Kit