ATV 2022-WEB •Tel 905.475.2552 • Fax 905.477.3270 458 On Reverse Carburetion Drive System Brakes & Cables Chassis Bearings Suspension Electrical Engine Lubrication Tools ELECTRICAL Electrical Weight Rating Part No. Price 2500LB WIN0013 $B 244.79 3000LB WIN0010 $B 256.80 3500LB WIN0017 $B 345.97 4000LB Heavy-Duty WIN0018 $B 408.33 4500LB Heavy-Duty WIN0019 $B 421.40 Optional Wireless Remote WIN2800 $B 81.17 Weight Rating Part No. Price 2500LB WIN0014 $B 246.95 3000LB WIN0011 $B 261.28 Replacement Remote WIN2600 $B 41.95 Weight Rating Part No. Price 3000LB WIN0012 $B 216.45 Winches Winch with Removable Toggle Switch Winch with Handle Bar Switch (Optional Wireless Remote) Winch with fixed Weather Resistant Toggle Switch *Optional Wireless Remote *Heavy Duty Kit Winches Batteries Spark Plugs Ignition Key Solenoid Starter Parts Ignition Coils CDI Boxes Stators Pulsar Coils Alternators Rectifiers Radiator Fan Sensors Lights