ATV 2022-WEB •Tel 905.475.2552 • Fax 905.477.3270 610 On Reverse Carburetion Drive System Brakes & Cables Chassis Bearings Suspension Electrical Engine TOOLS Lubrication Tools No matter which locking properties are required, one of ThreeBond’s thread lock products will get the job done. All of ThreeBond’s thread locks inhibit the development of rust, leaks, corrosion and are not affected by oils, chemicals, salt water, various gases or organic solvents. High Strength Infrequent Removal 10ml Part No. TB1303 $B 16.11 A free flowing, low viscosity, one compound RTV silicone rubber. TB1211 is ideal for places where long, faultless seal is critical. Recommended for sealing flange surfaces and screw sections to prevent oil, water, gasoline and chemical leaks. TB1211 is effective over a wide temperature range, -76 degrees to 482 degrees F. Tack free in 90 minutes; fully cured in 24 hours. Recommended for automotive, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile and ATV engines. 100g (3.5oz.) Part No. TB1211 $B 63.83 TB1194 has been replaced by TB1184. A synthetic rubber, that is semi-drying, visco-elastic sealer which is resistant to oil, water, gasoline and chemicals. Application areas include sealing transmission case covers, motorcycle cases, timing chain cases, side covers, 2-piece cylinders, clutch housing bolts and oil filter mounting surfaces. 100g (3.5oz.) Part No. TB1184 $B 31.05 WHITE SILICONE LIQUID GASKET CASE SEALANT LIQUID GASKET ANAEROBIC THREAD LOCKS 1/4” Female Pipe thread Hose Assembly 15-8018 $B 6.95 #10 Hose Assembly 15-8028 $B 7.95 • 3mm/4mm combo bit • Rubber O-ring keeps bit in place • Fits Motion Pro 1/4” drive by 5/16” socket (pn 08-0384) or 5/16 T-Handle (pn 08-0307) Part No. 08-0382 $B 5.85 16” EXTENSION HOSES 3mm x 4mm HEX BIT Clutch Tools Flywheel Pullers Engine Tools Carb Tools Suspension & Wheel Exhaust Chain Tools Misc. Adhesives