CLOSEOUTS •Tel 905.475.2552 • Fax 905.477.3270 604 Close-Outs Steering Brakes & Cables Starter Parts Accessories Tools Electrical Oil & Filters Carburetion Drive System Engine Suspension & Traction $ 100.00 94C DUSTER 94C CLUTCH PART NO. 206096A 30MM 1:10 tapered “deep” bore. We call this “32MM” to avoid confu- sion w/normal bore in #206094A. For 1-3/8" wide belts contains - six pucks #205918A and orange spring #205583A. For Polaris snowmobiles only - made from 1972 and equipped with Polaris/Star engine. Pistons Conrods Sleeves Tracks Studs Screen Kits Shop Manuals Carbides Drive Belts Shocks Clutch Parts 2005 HELIXES FOR THE ARCTIC “ACT DRIVE” – (TUBULAR TYPE)* – NON ENGINE REVERSE ACT Drive Models. 2005 direct bolt in using stock 05 adjustable cover, or 06-2011 with the use of 2005 OEM cover or a Dalton cover. If you have a 2006-2011 you need one of the covers to use this helix. Dalton helixes with “C” designation are for all 2005-2008 ACT models, and for 09 and newer 4 stroke models or shuttle reverse button models. (all 06 and newer require cover to use this helix, see notes). This model is NOT for 2009+ two stroke models that have the engine run backwards. Two stroke models with electronic engine reverse need the “CR” designation *Note: This is a tubular type helix for pre- 2006 ACT Drive models. When used on a later (2006-2011) version ACT diamond drive secondary it requires the use of the DHC-100 cover, or the cap and assembly parts from a 2005 Arctic Cat model. Part No. C 46 ($65NET) ARCTIC CAT • ACT Drive Dalton Industries